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 Experience & Success With K-Graph
Build Experience & Success With K-Graph

Making Great Choices: The product story of K-Graph makes it easy to select this product and its services. You can learn about the way the product is built, its intended purposes and the targeted goals are easily visible in the journey map as well as other representations of the product.

Bringing Everyone Together: In a traditional product integration, the end users are brought into the picture at a later stage. It is so because of unavailability of information about how they would use the product and what all goals can be met. The journey map of K-Graph helps in early experience for all the hierarchies of the stakeholders. Bringing everyone together is easy and feasible.

Predictable Success: A lot of product integrations fail due to lack of product+domain experience in the team. The availability of upfront comprehensive product information is key to success of K-Graph. Although there is no lack of data about any products. The easy and quick availability of K-Graph is the real game changer. Their product information is available in an easy digestive format saving you the time without losing the fidelity.

Build Great Experience With K-Graph
Ways of working with K-Graph

  • Integrate K-Graph into role based copilots
  • Build roadmap for improving efficiency as well as experience of all users(internal + external)
  • Leverage deep insights of journey map for efficiency as well as compliance
  • Promote training, collaboration and innovation through product stories of K-Graph
  • Reduce keyman risk by educating your user base through aggregated product stories
  • Drive rapid digital transformations with K-Graph through current and target product stories
  • Simulate new transformations with K-Graph. Use AI driven product story and analytics
  • Leverage global knowledge faster with AI. Add new elements into K-Graph story & view impact.
Experiences of K-Graph

What are knowledge graphs and its applications?

Getting Started

Build your first knowledge graph

K-graph for business operations

Generate K-graph for a business operation

K-graph of software products

Generate K-graph for a software products

K-graph of hardware products

Generate K-graph for a hardware products

Code generation

Generate large amount of code with bulk prompts from K-graphs

Product Integration

Integrate products using K-graphs of products and operations

Project planning and estimation

Identify dependnecies and generate conflict free planning from K-Graph

AI guardrails

Keep AI systems in check from blabbering using K-graph

Enterprise knowledge management

Create knowledge repository usable for both people and machines

K-graphs for enterprise IT

Combine multiple K-graphs of operations, and products

Extending K-graphs

Add your own flavours to K-graphs with FastBuilder API