Built For Product Organizations

A platform agnostic opinionated generative AI to build software from text with extreme efficiency. You can generate and modify product stories. The stories gets you architectural, flow, mockups, design and project planning document instantly.

Product Management

Build, manage and improve product strategies through active product story management. Develop product stories across all customer segments through collaboration of all business functions. And drive unambiguous data driven initiatives across engineering, improvement, optimization and partnership to drive meticulous product mindset across the organization.
All the product knowledge for all the diverse product segments reside in one smart story format, which are easy to find, search, share and collaborate. Improve the speed of innovation and data driven decision making with the power of generative AI.


Enterprise Knowledge

Store all product stories and ingrained customer journeys in a timeless storage where they can be reused, revitalized at every step of innovation and product iteration.
An enterprise is a timeless and continuous series of products developments and market integrations for generation of wealth. Preserve, conserve and grow your knowledge with every new tick of knowledge enrichment by storing product stories on Fastbuilder.
Continuous flow of people and processes create a lot of shift in an organization. The improvement opportunities and new ideas are created multiple times because it is often hard to review all the disparate documents of the past. Therefore, the enterprise knowledge hub creates a timeless storage where every story and its versions are organized in a meaningful order.


Integrated Architecture

Connect and integrate new products, new features and new opportunities into existing enterprise architecture by developing systems with autogenerated architecture and planning.
The enterprise architecture is far more complex for Fortune 100 companies, who have more than fifty thousand(50,0000) systems, with a variety of architectural elements, APIs and system parameters.
The story led architectural development keeps everything simple from the top to bottom of the organization. The intelligence provided by this platform helps you decide about integrations faster, based on the data driven facts and knowledge bases.

Platform Engineering

The story driven product and enterprise helps you design and build toolchains that enables seamless self service workflows of integration and delivery.
The entire lifecycle of a product is about lifecycle of all the individual features for various customer and user segments of that product. It is a continuous process.
The story driven platform engineering helps you manage all the individual lifecycles of a product. The upgrade of product features for optimization or re-creation is seamless process. You can just modify or extend the relevant story portion of the story. You will be ready with the new task list instantly.



Empower your organization with text to software capability to streamline the processes of ideation, creation, change and innovation.

  Grow and mature your knowledge enterprise.

We provide a state of the art mechanism to build your enterprise story hub. Once you have achieved the mastery of knowledge culture, you can grow to strategic sales, execution and engineering organization.

$ 0 /Ever
  • BYO OpenAI keys
  • Organize knowledge
  • Generate plan, prompts, design & codebases
  • Collaboration
  • Pipeline
  • Platform Engineering
AI Platform
$ 30+ /M/U/P
  • Team Platform
  • Integration Platform
  • Super Dev Platform
  • SAAS
  • Custom workflow
  • Rapid Lowcode
  • On-Premise
  • Custom Pipeline
  • On-premise
  • Managed Service
  • Dedicated Support
  • Training & Coaching
  • Enterprise AI
  • Multi-Lingual

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